"I Want to Show Everyone My New InspiredWall!"



Comments from Patty of Castle Rock, CO regarding her new InspiredWall.

Concerns before installing her InspiredWall...

“I didn’t want to cut anything wrong and ruin it.”

Thoughts after installing her InspiredWall…

“All we needed was a few tubes of Liquid Nails, a tape measure and pencil, and a chop saw.”

“If you have a little experience with some household projects, then you can do it.”

Were you pleased with the results?

“Absolutely, I show everyone that room!”

“It’s a real focal point. It’s a talking piece.”

“Before the room was stark builder’s white. Now it’s soft and inviting. The wood really warms up the space.”

Thoughts on the cost of InspiredWall…

“InspiredWall does cost a little more than some options but less than others. But why wouldn’t you want real wood instead of some plastic peel and stick? The results are more than worth it!”

What is your advice for anyone considering installing InspiredWall?

“Do it! It’s super worth it. The results are so beautiful you’ll want to show everyone, no matter where it is in your house. And you’re going to want to get more!”