Our Story

Like so many others, we spent the last many years working hard, providing for our families, and enjoying the journey. Along the way, we gained professional know-how and wisdom. And out of that, a conviction took hold; we had a purpose greater than making money. We were inspired to do more!

Over the course of several overseas trips, we concluded that we had found the perfect business opportunity.

One that inspired us.

One that ticked all the boxes, professionally.

One that was good for the planet and helped elevate people out of poverty.

We fell in love with stunning 3D accent walls made from 100% recycled teakwood. Each wall is totally unique, naturally beautiful, and sourced from 100-year-old buildings destined for the landfill...all while providing many avenues to impact lives for the good.

Fast forward to today. Providing quality jobs in struggling communities...offering handcrafted one-of-a-kind products...and doing good for the environment...all join together to form one company: InspiredWall Interiors. Thank you for being an inspiration to us and joining us in bringing the InspiredWall vision to life! 

We end with this question. What inspires you and how can we help you bring your inspiration to life?