My Cinnamon Teakwood Inspiration


Inspiration can come from strange places. But it can also be found in the things that we love. As I thought of colors for my living room, I wanted to create a warm and inviting space...perfect for intimate gatherings. But not too sedate. I also wanted a little bit of rock 'n roll thrown in there too. 

And that's when I found inspiration in my Stratocaster. I love the warmth of the sound and its mahogany neck. But I love the candy apple red body and lots of distortion! That's attention grabbing. That's fun. That's something people will remember. Dial it up to 10!

So that was the inspiration for my Cinnamon InspiredWall. What's yours? Share it with us at and we just might use it on our website or social media platforms. Let us share your inspiration, as an inspiration to others!